Khader Syed

Love is the way

Mon Oct 24 2022


When I wake up from a good night’s sleep, some of my memories from the previous day are lost, but most of the rest, my mind and body still remembers..

Early this year, I came to a realization, and decided on actions I should take when presented with any choice. How should I live my life, when I make choices on a daily basis? What should guide me? Love or fear? Or a combination of both?

I chose Love.

No matter the situation, I promised myself that I’d choose love when presented with a decision or choice.

But, old habits die hard. The anger I’ve accumulated, coupled with fear, with everything that my body and mind has learned since before I even gained consciousness has half-hobbled my efforts. I can safely say I’ve failed as often as I’ve succeeded when it came to living my waking life guided by love.

The primary tenet of living a life lit by love is loving oneself wholeheartedly and being kind to oneself.

The successes since my decision have taught me that loving oneself, and giving oneself the space to express oneself, despite everything coming at you, you are all you need and ever needed.

What about the failures? Those were instances when I did not lean into love and trust, and instead fell back into fear.

It’s a bit like forgetting what you were and how you started, after all these days and nights, and you have to remind yourself constantly, until that’s what you are and become.

You practice it day in and day out, despite the failures, and only then can you truly inhabit your true self - the self that you chose.