How to say my name - Khader

Pronouncing my name can be hard for most people. I’ve heard Kay-dur, Ka-dere, Kah-dear or a few other variants.

Here, I want to help you say my name the right way – the way I’ve heard it said as I grew up, and how my family, my friends, and I say it.

Let’s try and break it down. Kha-der. Two syllables.

The first syllable, Kha – that’s the sound you make when you feel like you have something stuck at the back of your throat, like you’re choking on something. The a after Kh sounds like the a in March. That’s Kha. Kha. Kha.

It’s guttural. I like that word btw – came across that when I was learning German, sometime in 2002 or 2003, I think.

That’s the first syllable. Kha. I hope that is easy to remember. Kha – back of your throat, like you’re choking on something, guttural and the a sounds like the a in March.

The next syllable, der – the first d or de sound is what I call the soft d – cause it sounds less like the d in dare and more like the th sound in the. Soft. And the der lands like the mer in mermaid.

That’s the second syllable der. Join them together and say it slow – Kha-der.

Kha-der. Khader.

I think, for a time, even I forgot the right way to say it, having used my nickname all that time.

Thank you for trying to say my name right. Khader


Over the years, I’m lucky to have dabbled in a few hobbies and interests of mine.

The story so far:

  • Archery – one of the most satisfying hobbies. I’ve always liked bow and arrows, presumably from watching all those Hindu epics on TV growing up. I wish I could find a decent archery club somewhere around here. I’m sure there are and I just haven’t looked hard enough.
  • Computers and Technology – My original hobby since childhood that has transformed me along the way. Thankful for that year in school (perhaps 7th or 8th standard?) when they introduced a computer class. That perhaps kickstarted my entire life – woke up something in me that refuses to die to this day. This has consumed a large part of my life so far, mostly in a good way. The burnouts can be harsh. I hope I can do more substantive things with the knowledge I have in this field.
  • Dancing – I learnt waltz or was it jive, almost 15 years ago. I can move and I can dance. And I like dancing. This is another of those interests that’s calling me, I think.
  • Kayaking – not something I had planned to do, but I ended up doing a little bit of this while I was in New Zealand. Loved it for a while, but not sure I can do it for long periods of time. My lower back is not happy when I go kayaking. So, there’s that.
  • Mechanical Keyboards – This one’s new. Like really really new. It’s not even a year old, I think. Maybe, I’ve spent a little over 6 months thinking, and tinkering with mechanical keyboards. I was a little into those mechanical typewriters, but these mechanical keyboards are a whole another thing. This hobby might encourage or create other things along the way. Thankfully, these don’t cost a lot, but they still cost a lot of money. I hope I don’t throw away as much money as I did with my photography equipment.
  • Motorcycles – I wasn’t into racing bikes when I started. I had a heavy ass bike which folks told me that I would have difficulty riding. Enjoyed my 350cc bike for a long time. Hopefully, I can get back to riding a bike soon. A decent bike that I can drive for long in the country, with my significant other boo!
  • Painting – This is a relatively new interest, of course. I started on this roughly 5 or 6 years ago. There’s been a lull since. I need to re-learn a few things and get back on the horse, so to speak.
  • Photography – another of those things that I stumbled upon, cause I was given a camera or two over the years. I then turned it into something very expensive, bought half a dozen or so cameras – digital, analog, medium-format, point-and-shoot and what not. It was fun. Now, I shoot only with my phone and the photos are just as good, or perhaps even better.
  • Stamp collector – I used to collect and trade stamps, until that hobby was quite literally beaten out of me. I don’t have any physical scars to show, but those mental scars persist. Weird that it was stamp collection that would leave a mark on my psyche like that.
  • Writing – Over the years, I’ve been doing this on and off. A lot of it on my personal journal and stuff, and some of it on some fictional stuff. This is another thing I should do more of, which should tie some of my other interests together.

There are still things I want to do and try.

  • I tried paragliding once in Napier, New Zealand. I would like to do more of that at some point.
  • Building and flying model airplanes.
  • Flying a small airplane or glider.
  • BASE jumping – this might be a bit too far off – but why not aim for the stars, rather the earth in this case ;)
  • Wood working and everything else that comes along with it.
  • Dancing – need to make this official or at least go do some learning – perhaps Salsa or even contemporary dance. Anything. I just need to move and dance.
  • Video and audio podcasts – podcasts about technology and the multitude of things I do.
  • Moar painting and art.

Past is Future

Ooof! It’s been a long time since the last update.
That last one was almost 18 months ago, when things were really bad.

It’s a good thing I don’t remember any of it – only have some scars from it.
What a waste of time that time was. Ugh!

Lots of things have changed since and many that haven’t.

Since the last update, I’ve changed my job and changed a few roles since.

I’ve obviously learnt a lot, but also not very much.
On the technical side, I’m further ahead and yet still far behind.

I was crazy about Kubernetes in late 2017. Now – not so much.
Now, I’m all about AWS and the magic you can do with it.

AWS has been amazing and continues to be amazing.
Let’s see how long that lasts.

In late 2017, I don’t think I was crazy about anything.
Mad, perhaps, but nothing else. Perhaps, a bit depressed too.

Now? Now, I’m into mechanical keyboards.
I’ve got three as of now and in the next week, that number should rise to 5.
And I’ve already made up my mind that it should fall to 4.
Perhaps it may even fall to three in the near term.

I might end up building my own mechanical keyboard,
using a PCB, a case, a mounting plate, keycaps and switches.

That’s for late though. For now, I’m quite happy with what I have.

I love this keyboard, that keyboard and the other keyboard,
that I left upstate in our country house.

I bought an Xbox One X and returned it like the PS4 Pro that I got almost a year ago.
So yeah, lots of things have changed and many that haven’t.

I’m writing this post mostly because I like my keyboard and love typing on it.
It’s the shit. Is there any other reason I should be doing this? Not really!

Miles to go...

My short-terms plans on the technology front:

  • build my own set of dockerfiles – already under way
  • build my own container registry – not started yet
  • automate the setup of an opinionated kubernetes cluster – early days
    • using containerd, cri-containerd, and prometheus etc.,
  • contribute to the cilium project – I like cilium, but it doesn’t yet work with containerd for e.g.
  • test and deploy more helm charts – some work started here

A little long-term:

  • setup a kubernetes cluster on a small set of NUCs
  • run everything in that cluster
  • expose monitoring and metrics for that cluster

Nikon 50mm F1.4

Don’t ever get that. Get anything else. The 50mm F1.8 is a great choice.