Khader Syed

Past is Future

Sat Mar 30 2019


Ooof! It’s been a long time since the last update.
That last one was almost 18 months ago, when things were really bad.

It’s a good thing I don’t remember any of it - only have some scars from it.
What a waste of time that time was. Ugh!

Lots of things have changed since and many that haven’t.

Since the last update, I’ve changed my job and changed a few roles since.

I’ve obviously learnt a lot, but also not very much.
On the technical side, I’m further ahead and yet still far behind.

I was crazy about Kubernetes in late 2017. Now - not so much.
Now, I’m all about AWS and the magic you can do with it.

AWS has been amazing and continues to be amazing.
Let’s see how long that lasts.

In late 2017, I don’t think I was crazy about anything.
Mad, perhaps, but nothing else. Perhaps, a bit depressed too.

Now? Now, I’m into mechanical keyboards.
I’ve got three as of now and in the next week, that number should rise to 5.
And I’ve already made up my mind that it should fall to 4.
Perhaps it may even fall to three in the near term.

I might end up building my own mechanical keyboard,
using a PCB, a case, a mounting plate, keycaps and switches.

That’s for late though. For now, I’m quite happy with what I have.

I love this keyboard, that keyboard and the other keyboard,
that I left upstate in our country house.

I bought an Xbox One X and returned it like the PS4 Pro that I got almost a year ago.
So yeah, lots of things have changed and many that haven’t.

I’m writing this post mostly because I like my keyboard and love typing on it.
It’s the shit. Is there any other reason I should be doing this? Not really!