Khader Syed

Computers and Me

Mon Aug 31 2015


I first programmed on a computer, in LOGO and BASIC, almost 25 years ago. I loved it back then for the things I could do with it and the future possibilities. I love it even more now for all amazing fantastic creations you can make from it. It changed my world then and continues to change it every single day of my life.

I’ve been through some interesting times and there’s more to come. Everything I’ve learnt has been through many successes and failures. When I first started playing with Linux, I would reinstall it almost every day cause I wanted to try something new. Then I started recompiling my own kernels to make it lighter, faster, betterer. So many failed boots. I even used to run only on development versions. That stopped after a while, of course.

I loved getting onto Debian. Then, I got introducted to FreeBSD and the ports system. Magic!

Now, I exclusively use a Mac because it has a FreeBSD kernel and a beautifully designed operating system that just works. I’m learning things, things that didn’t exist almost a decade ago, things that are changing the world as we know it.

I love it. I love the feeling that comes with all of this. There is so much to do and miles to go, many many miles to go.

The future’s bright and this is just the beginning….