Khader Syed

On Java

Tue Aug 18 2015


After working on Clojure stuff and then on Java, I can understand why some would prefer Java.

With Java, you have a process, an order so to speak of going about doing things. It forces you to follow a model and that helps build discipline where you have to think of the bigger picture before you can get into the details. And if you don’t think through, you’ll face multiple issues along the way.

You are forced to pay attention to how you want to structure your classes, what types you want to use based on the data that’s coming in or how you want to present the data from those objects more precisely.

That actually helps you improve your programming skills. You think of the data you’re working with much more, since it’s all about playing with that data.

With Clojure, you don’t pay as much attention to type, for instance, because of the dynamic typing, and you can make mistakes there.

Now, because of Java programming, my Clojure is getting better too.