Khader Syed

Repurpose spam

Sat Nov 08 2014


Back to blogging after a while. Trying something new this time, so I thought I should document it as I go.

I’m writing a program that will use all the spam mail I get as input and create art out of it. What art exactly, I’m unsure as of now. I have some ideas and want to see how they blossom.

For the moment, I’m playing with python, and Apache Kafka. I’m using Kafka because I like the idea of passing messages and stuff and then being able to expand on that. I’m just playing with it right now to see what it can and cannot do. If it doesn’t work for what I want to do, I won’t use it all, but at least I’ll get to play with it in the meanwhile.

In my next post, I’ll document all the steps I followed to install Kafka and use it.