Khader Syed


Mon Apr 07 2014


In the last few minutes of the movie Looper, Gordon-Levitt’s character Joe realizes that the only way to stop the kid from becoming the rainmaker is to kill himself. And so, he chooses to kill himself and stop the cycle of violence.

Over the last few months, negativity and cynicism have flooded my soul and my thoughts. I have often looked into the mirror of my mind and wondered who I was looking at. I mean, I knew it was me, but it was a Dorian Gray version of me. You follow?

I did not like what I saw in my mirror. I had to do something. I had to act if I wanted to protect my soul, so I could be happy when I looked at myself in my mind’s mirror. I had no choice.

And so, I decided that I would try and remove negativity and cynicism, bit by bit from my life and to focus on positives.

It’s been three days since I decided that and I can say I have been pretty successful. I have not whined or complained online about anything. I do occasionally exhibit some cynicism, but am trying as much as possible to curtail it and turn it into a positive.