Khader Syed


Thu Apr 03 2014


Touch was an important step, removing the stylus between the user and the interface. And touch has changed how we interact with devices and experience them, ever since the release of the first iPhone.

Now, it’s the turn of voice recognition. Typing using an on-screen keyboard still feels cumbersome. I would rather speak and have my words written, cause often what I’m thinking doesn’t make it to the screen in the time it takes for me to type it.

Siri on the iPhone has matured. Cortana on Windows Phone seems pretty good. Google Now is pretty good and now we have Amazon’s Fire TV which recognises voice commands too.

Voice recognition is maturing and I think, time has come to for it to take it’s rightful place. Voice recognition is where things are at, going forward.

At least, that’s what I want the most now. ;)

Update: I started writing this post yesterday, when I saw the news about Amazon releasing Fire TV. And then today, I read this - Speech Recognition Pioneer Novauris Bought By Apple. I might be on to something here, just saying. :)