Khader Syed

Filing taxes in the US

Sun Mar 16 2014


The process of filing taxes in the US is not something I would say is easy. It is quite complicated, especially because one has to deal with federal and state taxes and there seem to be so many things that you can possibly maybe perhaps deduct. It is a fine web that only career bureaucrats could have woven.

And the reason why the tax process is so complex is perhaps cause of the bitter divide between the GOP and the democrats and everyone else as to what can be taxed, what can’t be and so on and so forth. In the process, the tax filing process, can at times feel confusing.

They don’t make it easy, I tell ya. Filing taxes was so much easier when I was in India or in New Zealand. Everything here in the US feels so backwards, including their banking, their communication infrastructure and even how they deal with taxes.

They are even 12+ hours behind New Zealand when it comes to time, depending on where in the US you live. That is perhaps it.