Sid Carter

Apple software and their latest releases

Something I’ve been thinking of quite a lot lately, which Marco has so eloquently put forth on his blog.

I feel the same as Marco does, that the quality of Apple’s software is failing and I don’t have any other better options.

Desktop Linux is still shit and Windows hasn’t actually changed much. Sure, Linux and Windows are stable, but trying to get anything done on them is still a lot worse than getting things done on a Mac.

I worry that perhaps this is how all good companies end up. They accumlate user trust, expand and acquire more users, become a monopoly and then squander that trust away by releasing bad products or just providing shitty customer service.

I mean, wasn’t Google an awesome company long ago? Now, it just wants all our private info, so it can serve better ads. Google pioneered text ads and now the web is littered with the some of the most ugliest of ads, also served by Google.

Long story short: I wish Apple would just stop pumping out new releases and fix their buggy software. That includes both iOS and OS X.

Things that interest me right now

I’m intrigued by Stripe and Stellar and the things you can do with it. I would like to know more about the regulations around currencies and trading in the US, so I can work on some ideas I have. The ideas themselves are simple, but I want to look at making things cheaper and better for everyone involved.

Amazon AWS is fantastic and so is Azure (but I can’t try it like I can try AWS, so I don’t care much for it right now) and the things you can do with them are astounding.

The technology landscape is vastly different and more energetic than it was two years ago. Everything is being democratized and I like the look and feel of it. Incredible power in the hands of everyone, if you know how to harness it.

The world is a different place and I’m excited by the possibilities.

Carpe diem, baby. Carpe diem!

Scala and SBT

I’m figuring out Scala and in the process learning about SBT to build my code. Leaving this useful page about build file examples here for future reference.

My Scala mechanize code is going pretty well here.

Next little project – write some code to get stock quotes. I should be able to use mechanize without a prob for that.


I’ve created a few scripts for AWS EC2, S3 and and a playbook for creating an instance using Ansible. All the code is available here. In that same repository, there’s a script I found which helps you get all the AWS Usage reports. I might use that to figure out how my usage and billing are correlated.

And while investigating that, I found this repository that’s ported mechanize to Scala. I plan to use that to get the info in my bank, so I can track the changes and perhaps stop using stupid mint, which often complains about connection issues. [update: this repository needs to be fixed. Fixing :D]

Now, I want to get some stuff done with Hadoop or EMR. If I want to do MapReduce stuff, why not use EMR and Scalding?

This time, I get to learn and do it all in Scaaaaaaalaaaaaa!

Repurpose spam

Back to blogging after a while. Trying something new this time, so I thought I should document it as I go.

I’m writing a program that will use all the spam mail I get as input and create art out of it. What art exactly, I’m unsure as of now. I have some ideas and want to see how they blossom.

For the moment, I’m playing with python, and Apache Kafka. I’m using Kafka because I like the idea of passing messages and stuff and then being able to expand on that. I’m just playing with it right now to see what it can and cannot do. If it doesn’t work for what I want to do, I won’t use it all, but at least I’ll get to play with it in the meanwhile.

In my next post, I’ll document all the steps I followed to install Kafka and use it.